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Glacier Water Liposomes


Glacier water liposomes contained in our two Sparkling Glacier Complexion Mists are formulated with Swiss glacier water from one of the highest sources of mineral water in Europe, guaranteeing its purity and freshness. This glacier water is encapsulated into liposomes, which deliver moisture onto the skin in a time-release fashion, resulting in deep and long-lasting hydration

In Vivo Hydration Study*

A clinical study was conducted to determine the hydration effects of glacier water liposomes on the skin when compared to a placebo.

This study involved 20 women ages 25 to 60, with dry to very dry skin. Test gels containing 2% and 5% glacier water liposomes, and a corresponding placebo gel were applied once to the inside of the forearm of each subject. Skin hydration was then measured at 2, 4, 6, 8 and 24 hour intervals after this single application.

Results showed glacier water liposomes significantly increased and maintained skin hydration when compared to the placebo:

Glacier Water Liposomes Study Chart
• 8 hours after application, the skin’s moisture content remained at more than 22.9% with a 5% glacier water application, compared to only 9.9% with the placebo.

• 24 hours after application, hydration with the 5% glacier water liposomes gel remained at 10.3% compared to only 1.2% with placebo

*Permission to use study and photographs given to Aubrey Organics, Inc. May not be used or distributed without written consent of Mibelle.