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Age- Defying

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Beta Vulgaris (Beet Root) Extract


Beets are known for their incredible anti-oxidant power and rich nutrient value. They are a common ingredient in many cleansing regimens, because they provide so many different benefits for the human body. They grow all across the Americas and Europe, and are mainly harvested for the plump “beet root” that grows underground. At Aubrey®, we use beet root extract in our Revitalizing, Age-Defying, Calming and Clarifying toners (links above for your convenience), because it provides a clean, nutritious moisture for the skin. In clinical tests performed independently of Aubrey Organics, Inc., beet root was proven to increase the skin’s moisture for up to 8 hours after application (see study below)

Beetroot in Vivo Study

(Studied on Real Human Volunteers)
Beet Root Study Chart
4 volunteers, age 23-36, were given a single application of 1% beet root extract in a test cream.
After application, their skin was measured every two hours by corneometer, and was found to hold an increased hydration level for over 8 hours.

At Aubrey®, we strive to produce only the purest and most effective personal care products, always made with 100% natural ingredients. Our toners are not made to dry out or deplete the skin, but rather to re-introduce clean moisture for all skin types. Each of our toners is formulated for different skin- Revitalizing for dry skin, Age Defying for all skin types, Calming for sensitive skin and Clarifying for oily or acne prone skin. Each formulation will combat the particular concern for that skin type, while balancing and toning to leave skin clean and lightly hydrated. For more information on natural Aubrey® ingredients, download a free copy of our INCI Dictionary.

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