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Clarifying Therapy Moisturizer


Laminaria Spirulina (Algae) Extract


Laminaria Spirulina in Vivo Study

Aubrey®’s line of Clarifying products uses only natural acne-fighting ingredients, which give back to the skin and hydrate as they cleanse. One of the most important elements of our Clarifying Moisturizer (link above for your convenience) is Laminaria Spirulina, a form of algae extract. Laminaria Spirulina grows in bodies of water all over the world, and indigenous peoples from South America all the way to Africa have been known to harvest it for food, because it is so nutrient-rich. We use different forms of algae in many of our Aubrey® products. Laminaria Spirulina, however, is a very special type of algae because of its ability to tighten the appearance of pores and add a “matte” finish to the skin. Many people seek acne treatments that get rid of “shine” or oil on the face, and Laminaria Spirulina does so naturally. In a study performed independently of Aubrey Organics, Inc. 60% of volunteers using Laminaria Spirulina in test cream saw a “matte” finish on their skin after 28 days, and 50% reported that it tightened the appearance of pores.

Laminaria S. Study Graphic
20 volunteers applied a 0.5% concentration of Laminaria Spirulina extract in test cream twice a day for 28 days. These are the results after 28 days:
- 60% saw a more “matte” finish on their skin (their skin looked less oily)

- 50% reported that the pores appeared tighter

Shopping for acne solutions can be difficult, because many of the same products that dissolve oil and remove blockage can also dry out and irritate the skin. It is important to find products that balance the skin as they purify, instead of using a harsh detergent to over-cleanse, which often leaves the skin over-dried and sensitive.

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