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Age Defying

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Laminaria Ochroleuca (Golden Seaweed) Extract


At Aubrey®, we have always been committed to finding natural solutions to any personal care problem. Aubrey® was the first to ever use Laminaria Ochroleuca, also known as "golden seaweed," in skin care products. Golden seaweed naturally defends the skin from daily stressors. Found along the coasts of Ireland and Great Britain, it holds onto rocks in tidal areas, and is most notable for its beautiful yellow-gold fronds. Because it is found in shallow water, it is often exposed to harsh sunlight, and has developed its own protective mechanism to combat the effects of UVA and UVB rays. Rich in nutrients, this extract helps smooth and hydrate the skin. Aubrey® uses golden seaweed extract in our Age-Defying Moisturizer and SPF 15 Defense Moisturizer, because of its clinically proven effectiveness. In a study performed independently of Aubrey Organics, Inc., 20 individuals tested Laminaria Ochroleuca extract in a test cream for 56 days to measure its anti-wrinkle properties. At the end of the study, 80% of the volunteers saw significant reduction in the appearance of wrinkle depth (see study below).

Laminaria Ochroleuca in Vivo Study

(Studied on Real Human Volunteers)

20 volunteers from age 35 to 55 applied a 2% concentration of Laminaria Ochroleuca extract in a test cream once a day for 56 days. After 56 days, their skin was evaluated in comparison to the first day of the study. These were the results:

- 80% of the volunteers had significant reduction in the appearance of wrinkle depth

- The Laminaria Ochroleuca extract also had significant effects on the hydration, firmness, and smoothness of the skin

When purchasing any personal care product, it is very important to know the ingredients and to be informed about their safety and effectiveness. Delicate facial skin, in particular, may be very susceptible to the dryness and irritation that can be caused by harsh petrochemicals. Our Age Defying and SPF 15 Defense Moisturizer both contain naturally defensive elements that hydrate the skin and protect against the elements of nature, and both moisturizers contain only natural ingredients. Aubrey® uses only natural fragrances in our products, making them perfect for those with fragrance allergies or sensitivities.

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