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Alaria Esculenta


Alaria Esculenta Extract in Vivo Study

Eyes Test Aubrey® has always been the leading manufacturer of natural skin care products. Although there are many petrochemical-laden anti-aging products on the market today, Aubrey® is committed to educating the public on healthy, natural alternatives. Alaria Esculenta, a type of nutrient-rich kelp, has many anti-aging and firming properties. Alaria Esculenta grows mainly in the Northern Atlantic. It is known for its long, golden-brown fronds, and its unique ability to withstand harsh waves. It is found just beneath the surface of the water, and is known around the North Atlantic region for its nutritional value.

How effective is a 1% concentration of Alaria Esculenta extract in a test cream on “crow’s feet” wrinkles?
Here’s what the study reported:

-20 volunteers with an average age of 49.9 years
used the Alaria Esculenta extract in a test cream for
28 days, applying it twice daily.

-After 28 days, the researchers measured the
volunteers’ skin by cutometer, and found a 25%
increase in firmness, and 20% increase in elasticity.

Whenever shopping for skin care, it is important to be educated on the ingredients of what you buy. Aubrey® is proud to use only natural ingredients. Moreover, Aubrey® skin care products are never tested on animals, as Aubrey® does not accept animal testing as proof of a product’s safety or effectiveness when used by a human. Alaria Esculenta extract is a clinically proven, effective ingredient for use in in natural anti-aging products, and can be found in Aubrey®’s Revitalizing Night Crème and Revitalizing Moisturizer (see links above for your convenience).

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