Sea Buckthorn

Age-Defying Therapy for All Skin Types

High in antioxidants and made with many clinically proven ingredients, these balanced formulas are a perfect shield against the effects of environmental stressors and time.

Key ingredients in our protective Age-Defying Therapy line include:
  • Sea buckthorn oil: The richest herbal source of antioxidant vitamins E and A and palmitoleic acid, a constituent of the skin’s sebum. Found in all our Age-Defying products, it prevents free radical damage and protects skin from the aging effects of sun exposure and pollution.
  • Beet root extract: A key ingredient in our Age-Defying Toner, this powerful humectant has been shown to keep skin hydrated for up to 8 hours.
  • Carnosine, milk thistle and vitamin E: Featured in our Age-Defying Moisturizer this powerful anti-aging blend has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance and depth of wrinkles by 24% in 28 days with twice daily use.
  • Laminaria ochroleuca: Also known as golden seaweed, this skin nutrient rich in plant sterols is used in our Age-Defying Moisturizer to add firmness, hydrate skin and protect it from oxidative stress.
  • Cucumber fruit extract and cucumber oil: Mild astringents and skin tonics, high in antioxidant vitamin C, used for their cooling and soothing properties.
  • Organic aloe vera and shea butter: Soothe and replenish dehydrated skin.