Aubrey Our Commitment

Our commitment to the Earth is not new. We have lived this commitment heart and soul for over 40 years now. It is nothing new to us, and certainly not a trend or a bandwagon we recently jumped on. It is, and has always been our way of life.

Our purpose is to leave the Earth in better shape than it is today. From the all-natural ingredients in our products, to the biodegradable, recyclable and recycled packaging we use, we are careful to a fault. Profit is never the overriding factor in our packaging or ingredient decision-making. We use sustainable, plant-based ingredients in all of our products. We never use petrochemicals or other non-sustainable ingredients. All our print materials are produced on recycled paper and are 100% recyclable. From start to finish, we understand the importance of the product life cycle. The final disposition of a product is as important as its inception. All of our formulations are biodegradable.

We wholeheartedly support sustainable, natural and/or organic farming techniques. We always source certified organic ingredients whenever possible without concern for cost.

We understand that future generations are counting on us to be stewards of the Earth. We need to provide for them a clean, safe and non-toxic world where all can live in health and happiness. One cannot exist without the other! We will do everything in our power to honor this commitment.