Aubrey Our Commitment

Our commitment to people is profound. We believe that we are truly citizens of the world and accept the responsibilities that accompany that. We work with farm communities, suppliers and businesses from around the world. It might be by sponsoring organic agriculture in Honduras, overseeing the development of herbs in Japan, or explaining the importance of organic farming techniques in Ghana.

At the same time we understand and believe that charity begins at home. We are greatly tied into our local community. It all starts with our employees. We believe in fair pay, safe working conditions, and use an ethical approach when handling all issues. All our employees are important, have a voice, and are listened to. The smallest of suggestions could lead to the largest discoveries.

We support many charities, whether it is an AIDS hostel in Vancouver, Canada, or a homeless shelter in downtown Tampa. We do not discriminate. We are actively engaged in and support the performing arts and encourage participation.

We believe the best accomplishment of a successful organization is to make the world a little better, cleaner and brighter for tomorrow’s people.