We believe in innovation and tradition. By combining the wisdom of ancient herb lore with the latest technologies, we offer health-conscious consumers the best of both worlds. Our science-based formulas contain many key ingredients backed by clinical trials, and the herbals and plant extracts you’ll find in our products have a history of safe human use that dates back hundreds of years.

We strive to lead by example. We buy only the purest, natural and organic ingredients from fair trade sources and use them in handcrafted, all natural products that are good for you and for the earth. We have actively participated in creating industry standards, and have obtained all available certifications in natural personal care. In1994, our Tampa, Florida, plant became the first personal care manufacturer to be certified as an organic processor, a facility where organic ingredients are handled to USDA National Organic Program standards. Our plant is regularly inspected by Quality Assurance International and is shown to adhere to strict organic standards year after year.

We are committed to education and transparency. We are certain that knowledge is our greatest tool. The more you know about our products and ingredients, the more likely you’ll be to make an informed choice—and we are positive you’ll choose Aubrey.

We support environmental sustainability and community initiatives. In fact, community is at the heart of who we are and what we do. We value the relationships we have with our retailers, vendors, partners, and clients – and of course, with the people behind our natural products, our hardworking and dedicated Aubrey staff.

We are a cruelty-free company – always have been. We don’t believe in animal testing and have worked hard to promote a culture of respect for the earth and all its inhabitants, no matter how small. We believe in giving back to our planet with clean, environmentally responsible products created in harmony with nature and the one world we share.