The Cancer Journals: Prose & Poetry
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The Cancer Journals: Prose & Poetry

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By Susan Hussey
Organica Press. Hardcover. 320 pgs.

Written as daily journal entries she emailed to friends and family while a patient at the Leonardis Klinik in Germany, Susan Hussey's extraordinary collection details one woman's journey through the medical minefield of cancer treatment. In spite of the darkness of the subject matter, these entries are a pleasure to read, sometimes philosophical, often poetic, filled with the easy grace and humor that would see her through the most difficult days. Bolstered by a love of life, Hussey has written a page-turner of a book about the transformative power of adversity.

Praise for The Cancer Journals
"A wise and rewarding book."
    —Sir Michael Holroyd, Pulitzer-Prize winning author, Bernard Shaw, Vols 1-4

"Compulsively readable... [Offers] valuable insight into that state of being called grace under pressure."
    — John Fleming, performing arts critic, St. Petersburg Times

"Susan Hussey's astonishing wit, verve and elegance, even as she faced devastating diagnoses and tedious treatments, is more than a wonder to behold. It is a transfusion for all of us."
    —Naomi Shihab Nye, author of Fuel and You and Yours

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