Meal & Herbs Exfoliating Bath Bar  4oz
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Meal & Herbs Exfoliating Bath Bar 4oz

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Gentle bar leaves skin fresh and silky-smooth. Mild exfoliants help clear away dead skin cells, while herbal emollients restore your skin's natural moisture balance.

Almond Meal & Kaolin Clay Gently exfoliate to promote skin cell turnover
Shea Butter Rich humectant; smoothes & moisturizes

INGREDIENTS INCI: Sodium palmate, sodium palm kernelate, aqua, olea europaea (olive) kernel extract, mentha viridis (spearmint) leaf extract, butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), glycerin, prunus amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond) seed meal, palm acid, kaolin, prunus amygdalus amara (bitter almond) oil, sodium chloride, palm kernel acid.

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    I had such bad acne on my shoulders since I was 13 years old. I have been to the dermatologist and have tried several products that would need a second person to help me apply it and it would be such a process to even put on and then not even work! I'm now 21 years old and tried this bar of soap out and I am so thankful for it! I no longer have acne! I still have the scars, but other than that my back is clear. I wish I had taken a before and after picture so I could post it and show everyone how well it works. Thank you so much aubrey! I can now wear shirts that no longer have sleeves and feel comfortable! This is amazing! And all I have to do is use it in the shower. Thank you thank you thank you again!!!!

    As usual, this is another wonderfully scented product from Aubrey. I like the exfoliating properties but sometimes this bar of soap hurt my skin!

    I have tried EVERY soap out there and this one is by far the best! It does a great job keeping my skin soft and clear, without any blemish in sight. Love the wonderful refreshing scent, as well.

    My husband and I both love the way this bar makes our skin feel. He almost always has breakouts on his back and it looks sort of irritated and red. Since we bought this bar his skin has been smooth, white and breakout free. Sexy! I can definitely tell the difference in the softness of my skin when I only use it in one spot. It feels silky and moisturized.

    This soap is amazing! The meal works great to remove dead skin cells and debris from my skin, and the oils in the soap keep my skin wonderfully soft! Its so mild and gentle too! I`ll never use a harsh commercial face cleanser again. Aubrey bar soaps are the best I've ever used, period.

    I have been using the Meal & Herbs Exfoliating Skin Care Bar as part of my morning facial care regimen for a couple of years now, and I LOVE IT!! I wet my face and throat areas, wet the bar, and gently rub the bar over my entire face and throat area. It leaves my skin oh- so-soft and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, without any dry or tight feeling afterwards. Wonderful product!!!! :o)
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