Calendula Blossom Deodorant - Natural Spray 4oz
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Calendula Blossom Deodorant - Natural Spray 4oz

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If you prefer the convenience of a spray, this herbal deodorant will keep you naturally fresh all day without irritation. Calendula oil, antioxidant vitamin E and arnica inhibit odor-causing bacteria, while calamine has a drying effect. Essential oils provide a soft, natural scent, and our environmentally friendly pump bottle makes this an ideal choice.

No Animal Testing Vegan Gluten Free Paraben Free Phthalate Free
INGREDIENTS: Aqua, alcohol denat. (38b, lavender), glycerin, rosa damascena flower water*, glycine soja (soybean) oil*, tocopheryl acetate, calamine, fragrance‡‡, calendula officinalis flower extract, tocopherol (vitamin E), arnica montana flower extract.
‡‡Natural isolate blend sourced from essential oils

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    Light, pleasant scent that anyone can use and enjoy. It keeps you feeling (and smelling) fresh. It is also wonderful to spray on your feet, especially in summer, to keep them fresh and cool.

    Not only is this a great underarm deodorant, but I like to spritz a bit on my feet to keep them feeling fresh all day. I live in central Georgia and summers here are really hot and humid! Even just going out to check the mail or walking between your car and house or office is enough to make you really sweat! This makes things a lot more pleasant.

    I have adored this calendula spray deodorant from Aubrey's old formula for years. I just bought a bottle and I am working with it, because the alcohol used in it may not match the original formula. I just added a tiny drop of real sandalwood oil and it is a better spray, I believe. This is fantastic product but it is not quite Aubrey's formula anymore. I used to be so thrilled by it in its original formula, and I always felt like a healthy woman, after applying it, and then I felt ready to leave the house for my day. The new formula is, as I say, using the wrong alcohol, I believe. It has many of the good tones, but the lower tone, with the zinc and ferris impact, is missing--being the calamine. This was what actually fed the under arm skin with zinc and iron, in just the subtle tinctured amounts to impact perfectly. Otherwise, this formula still has very expensive and cherished ingredients--which all impact for a calming and nourishing and at the same time purifying effect, and I would recommend it strongly. But I do pray that the chemist at Aubrey, since Aubrey's passing, go back to the original formulas, no matter the price. They are ancient and critical formulas for human health, and we cannot do without them. Thanks, Hari Simran Kaur in Los Angeles,.

    I do love this spray on deodorant. It smells nice and keeps me odor free. The fact that it is good for me makes me so excited! I have been looking for this for years and years! I love the fact that this deodorant doesn't close my pores so I can sweat like I'm meant to, but at the same time still stay odor free. I do wish there was a roll on that didn't close my pores though. Wouldn't that be neat?

    GREAT at keeping the smell at bay, and natural ingredients - WONDERFUL. It gave me a few pimples on my underarms (maybe from all the oils) so I switched to the roll on version. But still love this stuff.

    I've never had a natural deodorant work, ever. I sweat a lot and with that comes the body oder. I was hopeful when a friend recommended this product but was blown away by just how good it is. It outlasts, by far, conventinal deodorants, to my surprise and delight. Today I forgot to put it on and by tonight after my workout i hesitantly took a whiff....NO STINK! Just a faint floral smell! Try this product!
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