Calendula Blossom Deodorant - Natural Spray 4oz
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Calendula Blossom Deodorant - Natural Spray 4oz

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If you prefer the convenience of a spray, this herbal deodorant will keep you naturally fresh all day without irritation. Calendula oil, antioxidant vitamin E and arnica inhibit odor-causing bacteria, while calamine has a drying effect. Essential oils provide a soft, natural scent, and our environmentally friendly pump bottle makes this an ideal choice.

No Animal Testing Vegan Gluten Free Paraben Free Phthalate Free
INGREDIENTS: Aqua, alcohol denat. (38b, lavender), glycerin, rosa damascena flower water*, glycine soja (soybean) oil*, tocopheryl acetate, calamine, fragrance‡‡, calendula officinalis flower extract, tocopherol (vitamin E), arnica montana flower extract.
‡‡Natural isolate blend sourced from essential oils

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    I do love this spray on deodorant. It smells nice and keeps me odor free. The fact that it is good for me makes me so excited! I have been looking for this for years and years! I love the fact that this deodorant doesn't close my pores so I can sweat like I'm meant to, but at the same time still stay odor free. I do wish there was a roll on that didn't close my pores though. Wouldn't that be neat?

    GREAT at keeping the smell at bay, and natural ingredients - WONDERFUL. It gave me a few pimples on my underarms (maybe from all the oils) so I switched to the roll on version. But still love this stuff.

    I've never had a natural deodorant work, ever. I sweat a lot and with that comes the body oder. I was hopeful when a friend recommended this product but was blown away by just how good it is. It outlasts, by far, conventinal deodorants, to my surprise and delight. Today I forgot to put it on and by tonight after my workout i hesitantly took a whiff....NO STINK! Just a faint floral smell! Try this product!

    This really works. AND don't need perfume anymore because it smells so heavenly, too. I used to miss the Angelica perfume you sold, but this deodorant gets a plus to replace it. It almost smells identical to Angelica. This product leaves a fresh, crisp, just out of the shower clean scent that lingers all day long. I just love it. thank you.

    I have used this product for about 3 years and think that it's amazing. After trying several other natural deoderant, this is the only one that really worked consistantly regardless of my activity. I absolutely LOVE all of the Aubrey Organics products I have tried so far. Thank you!

    Yay! I am so stoked! I've been using natural deodorants for about 4 years now and this is the best by far. This is my first day using it. I applied it at 7am and it is now 1pm and I smell nothing but pleasant whiffs. I am a landscape designer and I was out in the heat all morning, too!
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